Camp Stoney Highlights

Welcome to Camp Stoney

Site of the Santa Fe 

Traditional Music Festival

Paige Stage Building Front

Paige Stage, One of Two Primary Performance Stages

Barn Stage Building

Barn Stage, The Other Primary Performance Stage

The Gazebo

The Acoustic Performance "Stage"

The Soccer Field

Tent Camping and Workshop Tent Space

Elliott's Ramblers @ SFTradFest 2017

Elliott's Ramblers on Paige Stage at the SFTradFest 2017

Map of Camp Stoney


Map- Camp Stoney 2018 (jpg)



A-Frame Bunk Bed Buildings

There are six of these A-Frame Buildings With 12-14 Bunk Beds and a Separate Private Bedroom

A-Frame Bunkbeds

12-14 Bunk Beds In Each 


$10.00 per night

Bring your own Bedroll

A-Frame Separate Private Bedroom

Large Private Room With Bathroom At One End Of The A-Frame

$30.00 per night

A-Frame Bathroom

This Bathroom Is Part of the Separate Private Bedroom Area, Which Could Be Shared With The Bunk Bed Occupants If So Desired

Bathhouse Sinks

There Are 5 Sinks in Each of Two Bathhouses, Mens and Womens

Bathhouse Showers

There Are 4 Showers and 4 Commodes in Each of Two Bathhouses, Mens and Womens

Camp Stoney Campus Restrictions

There are a few restrictions at  the Camp Stoney campus. We believe these restrictions will not be  problematic to you or the other attendees nor will they keep you from  having a very enjoyable time at the Festival. Fire safety is paramount at a festival in the mountains of Santa Fe.    Absolutely NO OPEN FIRES!  No  Smoking, and No pets other than service pets.  Alcohol is also prohibited by the Camp Stoney  organization.  There is no way that we will do the kind aggressive enforcement that we all found so offensive at the county fairgrounds.  Essentially the policy is the “same ole”, as it has been  for most of 44 years at the Santa Fe Festival.  Security will be there  all weekend to monitor theft or dangerous situations, not to monitor things that people can discretely self-monitor.  We know  our attendees to be trustworthy, mellow, music loving friends of  traditional music who value good community.