Prairie Dog Pickers T-Shirts $15

Men's Vintage Red

Men's T-Shirts come in a variety of colors with the Prairie Dog Pickers Logo on the front and band names on the back.

Men's Carolina Blue

Men's T-Shirt back with the names of all the bands in Carolina Blue

Women's Pink

Women's T-Shirt in several colors with image on front only.

Instrument Raffle


Ibanez M510 DVS Mandolin donated by The Candyman in Santa Fe


Eastman Strings VL80 Violin (Size 4/4) with Forte JIS Bow and a Fine Carrying Case.  Donated by The Violin Shop of Santa Fe.

Winners of the Mandolin and the Fiddle Raffel, SFTradFest 2017

Miranda Arana from The Ladies At Play and  Laura Leach Devlin from Higher Ground 

We will be having a raffle at the SF TradFest 2018

We're not yet sure what will be raffeled off this year.  These two instruments were raffeled off at our 2017 TradFest.  Tickets are $5 each, three for $10.