We have scheduled the next Santa Fe TradFest for August 23, 24, 25, 2019, at Camp Stoney on Old Santa Fe Trail.  This is the weekend before Labor Day weekend, the usual dates for this annual affair. 

This past year's Festival was held at Camp Stoney on August 24, 25, & 26, 2018 as a continuation of a 40+ year tradition.  This TradFest was considered a very successful event by the attendees, musicians, volunteers, and the management of Camp Stoney.  

 The Santa Fe Traditional Music Festival provides a venue for playing, hearing, teaching, and sharing music with fans, friends, other musicians, and people seeking an enjoyable way to spend a weekend. It provides people of all ages and backgrounds an opportunity to hear music they might not hear anywhere else; to network and learn more about music and music-making; and to be part of a lively and enjoyable community event—one with a long history of bringing together old and new friends—in a new, beautiful, wooded setting, just 20 minutes from downtown Santa Fe [ 10 miles from the Santa Fe Plaza on the historic Old Santa Fe Trail and 8 miles from the I-25 Exit 284, Old Pecos Trail ]. 

We will have an exciting variety of performers, workshops, hosted and spontaneous jam sessions, free tent & RV camping, food vendors, and bunk bed rental (bring your own bedroll or sleeping bag)

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Downloadable SFTradFest Schedule

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Performers at the SFTradfest 2018

Adobe Brothers, ABQ

ATC String Band, SF

Bayou Seco, Silver City 

Bill Hearne Trio, SF

Bluegrouse, Durango, CO

Duke City Swamp Coolers, ABQ

East Mountain Serenaders, ABQ

FY5 (Finnders & Youngberg), CO

Full Owl, SF

High Desert Harp Ensemble, SF

Higher Ground, Los Alamos, SF, ABQ

Katydids, ABQ

Kitty Jo Creek, SF

Leverett & Wax, SF

Lone Piñon, SF

Lost Souls, Durango, CO

Mariachi Buenaventura, SF

Púca, Tucson, AZ

Railyard Reunion, SF


2018 Performer Bios


2018 Performer Bios

Mariachi Buenaventura  Mexican/New Mexican

Mariachi Buenaventura is Santa Fe’s first all-female mariachi band. The ladies play a wide variety of traditional songs and some contemporary pieces with talent, energy, and charm. Band members are: Joanna, Vihela; Jaqui, guitar; Venessa, Guitarron; Emily, Trumpet; Dianna, violin; Cynthia, Violin; Nishka, Violin; Erika, violin. The band plays for weddings, quinceañeras, and church events, as well as frequent appearance on the Santa Fe Plaza.

Bayou Seco   Old-time, Southwestern, Cajun

Bayou Seco's brand of Southwestern Chilegumbo - Cajun two-steps, waltzes, polkas and rancheras, chotis's, meringues and huapangos, and, perhaps a broom dance, is cross-cultural and multi-lingual, transcending labels. Bayou Seco's roots are in the deep south and southwest, but their branches reach far across the world. Ken Keppeler and Jeanie McLerie are the heart of this group that has been going strong since 1980 and they live in Silver City. Bayou Seco received the Governor’s Award for Excellence in the Arts for 2017, mostly for their work with New Mexican music. 

The Adobe Brothers   International Bluegrass

The Adobe Brothers are a band of identical quadruplets born to different mothers a long time ago. They have been mainstays of the New Mexico music scene for many years, playing old-time fiddle music, bluegrass, folk music, Western Swing, Celtic, blues, original compositions, and contra dance music. The Adobes are Jimmy Abraham, Wayne Shrubsall, Terry Bluhm, and Bruce Thomson. Their fundamental musical philosophy is “if it sounds good and is fun to play, we’ll play it.”

FY5 (Finnders and Youngberg)   Bluegrass

Colorado’s FY5 proudly swim in the deep currents of American music, playing new songs, deeply rooted in country and bluegrass traditions, but not bound to them. Featuring thoughtful arrangements, strong singing and musicianship, and distinctive songwriting, the band strives to connect to listeners with stories of common struggles and big ideas. Instruments include guitar, banjo, bass, fiddle, and pedal steel. The band was selected as official showcase artists for the 2017 International Bluegrass Music Association conference including a songwriter showcase with Mike Finnders.  

Bill Hearne Trio    Bluegrass/ Country/Swing

Santa Fe’s legendary Bill Hearne began his musical career in Austin in 1968, where he met his future wife, Bonnie, who passed away this past year. Bill is a musician’s musician, mentoring people like Nanci Griffith, Lyle Lovett, and Eliza Gilkyson. Bill and Bonnie’s 1997 Warner Bros. recording, Diamonds in the Rough, reached No. 5 on the Americana charts that year. Joining Bill at the Festival by bassist Zeke Severso and veteran banjo/guitar player Bob Goldstein. The Trio will do a 45-minute concert set, and then we’ll clear the chairs for a Saturday night country dance set. Lyle Lovett says of Bill Hearne, “I would get a seat right up next to the stage and sit in front of Bill and try to figure out all his guitar licks.”

Púca    Irish, Appalachian, Contradance

Púca is the duo of Dave Firestine and Claire Jamieson Zucker. who will perform songs and tunes from Ireland and Appalachia, plus new music hot off the press. Dave Firestine plays mandolin, bouzouki, and mandola, performing with Púca, STEAM!, and the Privy Tippers. Claire plays bodhrán (Irish drum) with awesome dynamics and tone to accompany Dave's fast picking, and she also adds rhythm with her clog dancing. Her songs range from fun tongue twister types to Irish ballads and Appalachian story songs. She plays with Púca and STEAM!, and is a fine contradance caller.

Katydids  Traditional fiddle duo from around the world

Katydids are a dynamic fiddle duo, celebrating traditional music from around the world, including Appalachia, Cajun Louisiana, Mexico, Peru, Canada, Sweden, Ukraine, Austria, Belgium Spain, France, England, Scotland, and Ireland. The Katydids consist of international fiddler Karina Wilson and Doug Goodhart, former director of the Center for World Music in Kansas City and Professor of Musicology at San Diego State University.

Higher Ground  Bluegrass

Higher Ground Bluegrass plays original, contemporary, and traditional music informed by American folk, bluegrass, country, and rock and roll. Band members are : Ken “Duke” Weddington on banjo, guitar, and mandolin; Pat Mahoney on fiddle; Laura Leach Devlin on bass; Dave Devlin, playing mandolin and resonator guitar; and Fred Bolton on guitar.

Duke City Swamp Coolers   Bluegrass

The Duke City Swamp Coolers are a long-time bluegrass band from Albuquerque, New Mexico. They have three CD’s out and have played many different venues and festivals in New Mexico and surrounding states. Band members are Bill Default, mandolin; Jon Bryan, banjo; Tony Smith, guitar; and Tony Kahn, bass. They will be joined by guest fiddler Grey Howell. 

ATC String Band    Traditional American folk and old-time

Traditional American folk music from all over played by teenagers at the Academy for Technology & Classics in Santa Fe. The group is taught and led by award-winning music teacher and musician Erik Carlson.  

Lone Piñon   Traditional New Mexican/Mexican

Lone Piñon is an acoustic conjunto from Northern New Mexico whose music celebrates the diversity and integrity of their region’s cultural roots.. Their repertoire spans many different genres, encompassing high lonesome two-part harmonies and music played with the fire of traditional people. Using violin, accordion, guitar, quinta huapangera, guitarrón, upright bass and harmony vocals in Spanish, English, Nahuatl, and P'urépecha, the group has revived and updated the Chicano string band style that once flourished in New Mexico, bringing a devoted and explosive musicianship to Northern New Mexican polkas and chotes, virtuosic Mexican huapango and son calentano, and classic borderlands conjunto. Band members are Jordan Wax, Noah Martinez, and Leticia Gonzales. 

Kitty Jo Creek Bluegrass/Honkytonk

Kitty Jo Creek Band is a melodious group of bluegrass musicians from the Santa Fe area. This bluegrass and cowboy jazz flavored group plays fresh renditions of traditional and original compositions. Band members are James Horn, banjo; David Thom, mandolin and lead singing (and also plays with the David Thom Band); Patty Gilman, upright bass and vocals; and Ross Scroggins, lead and rhythm guitar and vocals. 

East Mountain Serenaders    Old-time

The East Mountain Serenaders play traditional and original old time tunes and songs on fiddle, banjo, guitar and mandolin in a variety of American styles. Band members are Rob Pine (fiddle, banjo, guitar), Jerry Page (fiddle, guitar), and Jim Mullany (fiddle, banjo, guitar). All are veterans of other favorite old-time bands in New Mexico.

Railyard Reunion   Bluegrass

Railyard Reunion is one of Santa Fe's longest established bluegrass-based bands. The band features Tim Nolen's original songs, along with classic bluegrass tune and more. Band members include Tim Nolen on banjo and vocals; Dan Michael, mandolin and vocals; Doug Jeffords, guitar and vocals; Jon Graboff, guitar and vocals; and Dave Dillman on bass and vocals.

Full Owl  Americana

Full Owl is a Santa Fe based Americana duo. Singer/songwriter Michael Sheppard plays a hot hand of fingerstyle guitar, banjitar, and Dobro. Julia "Songbird" Meeks lends tight harmonies and lyrical lead vocals. Laura Leach Devlin plays bass and is one of New Mexico’s most in-demand bass players. Dave Devlin plays mandolin, dobro, pedal steel, and is also a highly regarded session musician. Full Owl brings together old and new, traditional and original songs that reach the hearts of those who listen.

Bluegrouse Bluegrass/Americana

Durango-based Bluegrouse describes their music as having “that intimate, living room sound,” performing traditional and folk-ish songs. They are known and appreciated for their strong vocal harmonies. Bluegrouse has performed at the annual Durango Bluegrass Meltdown for the past three years. Band members are Carol Calkin, fiddle and vocals; Jonti Fox, bass and vocals; Les Sweintek, mandolin and vocals; and Laurie Swisher, guitar and vocals. 

Lost Souls    Swing/folk/cowboy, bluegrass

Lost Souls plays an intriguing mix of old and new country, bluegrass, swing and American folk tunes. This trio keeps it tight, singing many a tale of cowboys, dogs, horses and the outlaw west, with shared vocals and fine picking.  Don Cooke (an alumnus of a number of Santa Fe-based bands) plays fiddle, guitar and mandolin in the group. Marc Katz plays mandolin and guitar. Charlotte Overby plays upright bass and sings harmonies. 

Leverett & Wax  Jewish-American dance tunes/Yiddish songs 

Margot Leverett is one of the foremost clarinetists of the klezmer revival. Classically trained, Leverett was a founding member of the Klezmatics in 1985 before moving on to establish a solo career. Her first CD, "The Art of Klezmer Clarinet," a tribute to classic klezmer of the 20's and 30's, was released in 2001 on Traditional Crossroads (CD4296) to glowing reviews. Jordan Wax (violin, accordions, vocals) was traditionally trained by master Ozark fiddler Fred Stoneking and Central Missouri dance fiddler John White. He worked as bandleader and accordionist for a Jewish dance band for years before his work with Missouri and New Mexican fiddle styles inspired him to travel to Mexico for a 6-month immersion in Mexican huapango fiddling, leading to his current spot with Lone Piñon.

High Desert Harp Ensemble  Celtic

The High Desert Harp Ensemble is a five-piece folk harp group based in Santa Fe, founded in 1998 by current member Linda Larkin. Larkin produced the Ensemble’s acclaimed CD in 2015. Current members of the Ensemble are Katie Cosgrove (current director), Linda Larkin, Claire Breitinger, Chita Gillis, and Dian El Aine. The High Desert Harp Ensemble will begin the Festival’s Sunday morning concert program.


2018 13 Workshop Descriptions


Tim Nolen - Vocal Production/Harmony

Tim Nolen may be leading Railyard Reunion with his banjo now, but for decades he performed around the world in opera Broadway productions. Tim knows that good vocal technique can make you sound good, without sounding like you’re belting out La Donna E Mobile or The Music of the Night.

Tom Adler - Clawhammer Banjo

Tom Adler has taught clawhammer banjo and folk guitar styles for over 35 years. Tom has played with the award-winning Fast Peso String Band since 1981 and hosts ‘Folk Remedy,’ a weekly radio show, on KSFR in Santa Fe. A small, hand-held recording device is suggested for learning tunes at home.

“Duke” Weddington - Bluegrass Banjo

Ken “Duke” Weddington began picking the banjo in the early 1970’s in Burlington, NC. Duke is founder of Higher Ground Bluegrass, now celebrating their 20th year as one of New Mexico’s leading bluegrass bands.  He is a prolific songwriter, and his progressive song ”Alamance” won a NM Music Award for best instrumental performance in 2004. Duke’s banjo style blends traditional Scruggs style, melodic, and progressive forms.

Sid Hausman - Swing Ukelele

Sid Hausman performs all across the Southwest with a wide variety of music. He can be found playing bluegrass, at cowboy poetry gatherings, and on the train from Williams, AZ, to the Grand Canyon. As a professional musician, Sic is expert on 5-string banjo, 6 and 12-string guitar, and Dobro, but he has a special love for the lowly Uke. For this workshop, Sid will concentrate on Western Swing on the ukulele.


Pat Mahoney - Fiddle

Pat Mahoney is the strong and versatile fiddle player and singer with Higher Ground Bluegrass. He is equally at home with traditional tunes, originals, Celtic music, or hard-driving bluegrass.

Jim Trujillo - Native American Drums

Jim Trujillo builds frame drums and will cover the making and playing of traditional drums. He will touch on the different styles of drums and sho how they are used to accompany singing and dance.

Puca - Irish it up!

Puca will teach techniques and guidelines to help you play, sing, and build a repertoire to boos your Irish music chops, including:

· Rhythm and feel to play in an Irish style—in particular, jig, slip jig, and hornpipes

· Vocal techniques for Irish singing

· Repertoire building and resources

· Session stuff

Karina Wilson - Fiddle Tunes from Around the World

Musical ambassador and fiddler extraordinaire Karina Wilson will share what treasures she’s found while exploring music everywhere. Karina currently performs solo, with the Katydids, and other groups.

Bayou Seco - Fiddle Tunes of New Mexico

Jeanie McLerie and Ken Keppeler, of Silver City, NM, formed Bayou Seco in 1980 and have been dedicated to reviving and celebrating traditional music of the Southwest and elsewhere.  Ken and Jeanie will share fiddle tunes of New Mexico, as learned from Cleofes Ortiz (Bernal, NM) and Pete Lewis (Crow Flat, NM).


Cheryl James - Traditional Noter-Style Dulcimer

Perfect for beginning dulcimer players, as well as more advanced players that want to revisit the ‘roots’ of dulcimer playing.  We’ll learn how to slide, hammer-on, and pull-off with a noter, as well as some simple strumming patterns to make your music come alive. We’ll practice with a few less commonly played fiddle tunes for the dulcimer. Noters, picks, and tab/music will be provided.  Cheryl James has been playing dulcimers most of her life, teaches dulcimer locally, and leads the Santa Fe High Desert Dulcimers club, which is happily sponsoring this workshop.

Marj Mullany - Group Singing

Participants will learn and sing songs from the roots of country music in glorious harmony, with songs from the Carter family, Jimmy Rodgers, Hank Williams, and others.  Marj Mullaney grew up during the folk scare of the 60's, learning harmony singing from her mother.  She has performed for Susan Patric's folk music classes, with the Estrotones, and with the Mullaney Family Band.   She sings and plays fiddle and guitar, and knows hundreds of songs.  She is also an experienced contra dance caller.

Fred Bolton - Rhythm Guitar
Everyone wants to be Tony Rice or Brian Sutton, but if you listen closely to their work they spend a lot of time locked in with the bass and mandolin driving the band. Strong rhythm keeps the band on track and allows lead instruments and singers to add their layer on top. Fred Bolton of Higher Ground will discuss and demonstrate some of the techniques he uses in that popular band.

Beth Crowder – Children’s Workshop: Feel the Beat

Play drums with Beth and friends! Beth has a wonderful array of drums. She is a music teacher in Socorro, as well as a farmer and bee keeper, and she is great with kids.

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Santa Fe Traditional Music Festival Site:

Camp Stoney at 7855 Old Santa Fe Trail

Hours of the Festival

Friday 5 PM to 10 PM

Saturday 9 AM to 10 PM

Sunday 9AM to 5 PM



Various Fun Filled Things To Do

     · Performances: The festival will present a rich and diverse array of musical genres, including old-time string bands, bluegrass and traditional country music, northern New Mexico Hispanic fiddling, norteño, and conjunto, Celtic, Balkan, Klezmer, and others.  Performers will be drawn primarily from New Mexico and surround states, with one or two nationally-known performance groups.

    · Workshops will be offered by performers and master teachers in such areas as banjo, fiddle, guitar, mandolin, dulcimers, ukulele, and traditional dance styles,. Workshops are hands-one affairs, allowing participants to learn and play together.

   · Jam sessions (hosted and spontaneous) : Camp Stoney offers many shady-filled common areas and camping areas that are conducive to jamming with performers and friends, with groups playing old-time, bluegrass, regional Hispanic music, and other genres throughout the day and into the night.

   · Free tent and RV camping will be available in a variety of wooded and open areas.  There are no RV hookups.  Additionally, a large soccer field is available for tent camping (no vehicle access onto this field).

   * Bunk Beds will be available in A Frame buildings   There are 5 A Frame buildings with 12-14 bunk beds in each.  Bring your own bedroll or sleeping bag.

    * Food Vendors:  Several vendors will be on site with a variety of foods (see below).

     * Full Facilities:  In addition to the main building rest rooms, there are two bath houses (men's & women's) with four shower stalls, four toilet stalls and four sinks in each, and several porta-potties.